Hypocrisy and ‘The Legend of Sita’

This morning I woke up to the soothing music video of ‘The Soul of Sita On The Road’ written, directed and composed by Praneeth Yaron, from his feature debut Sita On The Road.

It starts off with the voice-over

“I don’t wanna go back, but I don’t know where to go.
I just wanna keep going & going & GOING!”

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Let ArjunReddy Suffer (Not a Review)

#ArjunReddy the show couldn’t have ended better for me as I walked into the rain after staying through the end credits & I didn’t even feel like getting into the car, but drench., drench my soul in pain!
#ArjunReddy to me is a #loveletter wrapped in an apology letter with a bow of tragedy on top (whether it has been received & acknowledged by the concerned parties has to be left to Sandeep, I hope it does). It’s a long due #MiddleFinger to the status quo (of the run of the mill films)

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A Conversation With Jonathan Banks

12th April 2016, The IU Cinema hosted a conversation Jonathan Banks. The Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor shared thoughts on his career, his time at IU, and much more.


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Grievances of a Telangana Filmmaker

~ JayaPrakash Telangana

To rephrase myself i’d request “All Telangana Audience to stop buying tickets for any big budget star-son movies, in the first week of its release”. Why?


Disclaimer: Rajamouli is one of the sensible and ace of a filmmakers Telugu film industry can offer at this point in time, there are no other qualms about it. As a filmmaker (or aspiring otherwise) I wish him the very best for the release & hope it becomes a very bit hit, and a classic. As a filmmaker I’d never hesitate promoting an adversaries film. I’m opposed to this film and others that come out of this machinery only for the reason because they are part of the system I oppose. A system that has been nothing but a symbol of hegemony and repression towards Telangana films & filmmakers for as long as it existed.

  • In 58 years of Combined statehood Telugu cinema has never attempted to represent Telangana or its culture in any way shape or form instead mocked at it on the name of it. In the final phase of Telangana statehood struggle (last decade) it has been one of the concerns that the Telugu films never owned Telangana culture but has done otherwise and vilified it wherever they got a chance & exploited whenever they can within their interest. Parallels can be found with how Marathi films suffer by the Bollywood’s presence and dominance in Mumbai / Maharashtra.

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Figuring out a mammoth #OrsonWelles

If a thousand people analyze a person and hundred thousand analogies come out as a result, is it because he is a legend or because he’s Orson Welles. Does it hold true for anyone or just Orson Welles or because he’s an enigma.

It’s fascinating to see all these scholars working on segments of Welles works clarifying the information they have, cross checking the facts they didn’t have. Borrowing from one of the presenter Joshua Vasquez the whole experience has been like those three blind men trying to figure out an elephant , or should we say a mammoth Orson Welles. This definitely has been a beautiful experience.
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Yours Truly with Krzysztof Zanussi

An evening with Krzysztof Zanussi at IU Cinema

Yours Truly with Krzysztof Zanussi

Yours Truly with Krzysztof Zanussi

I did not know much about the 75 year old Krzysztof Zanussi , an accomplished polish film maker before I entered the IU Cinema. Well! he was chosen by Martin Scorsese for his Masterpieces of Polish Cinema North American lecture series (whose movies I have not watched yet, until that evenings screening of Camouflage). But once the floor opened for questions at 3pm I didn’t see an aura around him but the spirit of a collaborator, who is willing to take a chance making his next film for smaller budget with available (digital) technology if the financing didn’t come through.
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Books that I recommend for wannabe screenwriters:

Apart from books of well-known script guru Syd Field, the following books are essential ones on script writing..

1.The Tools of Screenwriting by David Howard and Edward Mabley
2. How To Build A Great Screenplay by David Howard
3. John Truby presents The Anatomy of Story
4. 45 MASTER CHARACTERS by Victoria Lynnn Schmidt
5. Teach Yourself SCREENWRITING
6. Making a Good Writer Great for Screenwriters by  Linda Seger
8.SCREEN WRITING UPDATED new (and conventional) ways of writing for the screen – LINDA ARONSON
9.THE THIRD ACT with a great ending to your screenplay by DREW YANNO
13.SCREENWRITING the sequence approach -PAUL JOSEPH GULINO

Additional Books suggested by friends:

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Why film making?

How, When, Why, the journey until now!

As a kid I don’t remember going to movies much, but whatever we were exposed to was selective, thanks to dad. I started watching movies like crazy when I got into my Junior college (11/12th), but I was just another guy watching another movie until all changed in 2002 & I decided ‘I wanted to be a film maker’ that would be the last destination of my career dreams. Continue reading